This is some of my video work that I've done using Cinema 4D and After Effects

My Brand Introduction

This is my branding introduction. It displays my personal logo and brand and gives the view a feel of who I am as a person as well as a designer.

amc Main Spot

This is my amc refresh I did. It focuses on elements of the amc television branding that really define it. I wanted to go with a grungy atmosphere and elements from tv shows on the amc channel. I did all of the modelling and filming myself in cinema 4D as well as some touch ups to the video in After Effects.

amc Short Spot

This is part of my amc refresh. It focuses on a upcoming program spot for the refresh. I again wanted to stick with the grungy violent atmosphere you see in a lot of amc programming. I went with bullet casings droping onto a dried out terrain.